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インディアナ州 Vermillion Rise Mega Site: Amber Waves


団地名 Vermillion Rise Mega Site: Amber Waves

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国名 アメリカ
所在地 Broadway, Newport, Vermillion County, Indiana, 47854, USA 地図
事業主体 Vermillion County Economic Development Council
面積 Available Space : 1500 acres
Total Area : 1500 acres
対象施設 Industrial; Business Park Heavy Mfg.; Light Mfg.; Warehouse/Distribution
道路 I-74
鉄道 Working with CSX to create a rail corridor to the site for future rail access
空港 Indianapolis International Airport
港湾 Burns Harbor
都市計画用途地域 Industrial
用水 Vermillion Rise Mega Park - permitted to draw 40 MGD from Wabash River aquifer
排水 Vermillion Rise Mega Park
電力 Duke Energy
ガス Vermillion Rise Mega Park is the provider via Constellation (contractor) via Panhandle Eastern and Rockies Express
譲渡単価 $15000 USD per Acre
連絡先 Dylan Riggen; dylan@vermillioncountyedc.com; +1-765-492-9153

No Flood Plain; Industrial Park Name: Vermillion Rise Mega Park; Lot Size: 1,450 acres; Contiguous Acres Available for Development: 1,450; Redevelopment Area; Enterprise Zone; Economic Revitalization Area; Tax Increment Financing Area (TIF); HUB Zone; Foreign Trade Zone

Vermillion Rise Mega Site: Amber Waves

公開日 2020/02/07